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Take this time to reach out to one another.

Take this time to reach out to one another. Show genuine human interest and be focused on showing personal concern. Your employees should hear from you regularly, keep up to date on their wellbeing. How are you? Name Please enter your name. Email Please enter a valid email. Your Message Please enter a message. Send…

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Using social media platforms can be an intimidating pond to step into. There is an ocean of tips out there, and many are guesswork, outdated, or do not match your brand objectives or audience. We’ve assembled some of the most strategic methods for you in this newsletter, with sources and our own experience. Lets start…

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4 Steps to Create Energized Event Learning Experiences

Learning and education are consistently ranked as primary reasons that visitors attend trade shows or events. Is your event experience giving visitors the education they seek or is it a less than stellar learning environment, looking more like hard-sell sales? A recent Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) survey* compared which in-booth technologies attendees rated…

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The 3 How-to’s for making a compelling brand case at events

The 3 How-to's form making a compelling brand case at events

The qualities that make a field sales rep successful or a SME brilliant don’t always translate into the ability to connect with prospects walking the aisles of a trade show or event. That’s why successful event marketers know that they need to staff their exhibit and events with people trained to engage passersby and draw…

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